SAVIR stands for Swiss Association of Veterinarians in Industry and Research. SAVIR provides support with its network of veterinarians working in the fields of business, industry, research and education.  SAVIR was founded as an association in 2002.

As experts in the field of laboratory animal science, we are committed to the ethical performance of animal experiments in which the distress to the animals is kept as low as possible while maintaining the same high level of knowledge gain. At the same time, we support open and transparent communication about animal experiments.

Diplomate Specialised Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science (Dipl.SVLAS)

SAVIR awards the Swiss title of Diplomate Specialized Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science / Dipl. SVLAS. The postgraduate education of veterinarians in the field of laboratory animal science to graduated specialist veterinarians represents a recognition of professional competences according to the corresponding catalogue of competences.

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Maike Heimann
Fachtierärztin Labortierkunde
Christina Simon
Fachtierärztin Labortierkunde (D)
Claudia Weigt
Fachtierärztin Labortierkunde
Henning Richter
Fachtierarzt Labortierkunde


Benefit from the network, specific further education and representation of interests of the profession in national and international committees. SAVIR provides veterinarians and students with the necessary professional contacts and coaching for their professional orientation or career and career planning. SAVIR also awards the Swiss title of Diplomate Specialized Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science / Dipl. SVLAS as postgraduate education of veterinarians in the field of laboratory animal science.
Do you feel addressed and would you like to support SAVIR? Become a member! The membership fee is CHF 80.- per year (40.- for students).
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The Universitiy of Zurich is currently conducting an international in-depth survey about experimental surgery in rodents. If you perfom surgical procedures on lab rodents, we kindly ask you to participate in this survey on rodent surgery. This is a Swiss 3RCC funded UZH project. Please follow the following link:



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FELASA-ESLAV-ECLAM Position Paper on CO2 use for euthanasia of rodents
Based on the discussions in Switzerland about the use of CO2 for the euthanasia of rodents, FELASA-ESLAV-ECLAM have set up a position paper, see here.

Potential ban of import of Xenopus laevis in the EU (import to CH!)
A risk assessment of X. laevis as an invasive organism has been undertaken by the EU and is open for comment, at the moment it strongly recommends the inclusion of X. laevis on the register. According to the EU’s publication (, Page 19), the consequence of X. laevis being added to the register would be that it would become illegal to import them, reproduce them, transport them, sell them, use them, possess them or release them into the environment, although exceptions would be allowed for justified reasons such as research. Full information and statement from Prof. Matt Guille, University Portsmouth see here.

Communication on Veterinary Expert Title Dipl. SVLAS
Laboratory Animals, the international journal of Laboratory animal science, Medicine, Technology and welfare accepted a short communication about the expert title Dipl. SVLAS in the latest volume (Newly created title of the Diplomate Specialized Veterinarian in Laboratory Animal Science (Dipl. SVLAS) awarded by the Swiss Association of Veterinarians in Industry and Research (SAVIR), Heimann M., Laboratory Animals 2018, Vol. 52(6) 653–654)

Vet professional card (Tierärzteausweis )
The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (BLV) does not issue such ID cards! In Switzerland, the BAG, 3003 Berne, is responsible for issuing diplomas and identity cards for medical persons. Likewise, the BAG is responsible for the assessment resp. the recognition of foreign degrees in the field of medical professions.

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General information recognition of foreign degrees
Vet identity card


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Selected events for veterinarians in research and industry can be found in our event calendar. In addition, we recommend the following links if you need training and further education.

Institute of Laboratory Animal Science in cooperation with the ETH Zürich

Resal – lemanic animal facility network

SGV – Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association

FELASA- Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations

GST – Gesellschaft Schweizer Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte

Vet congress – Courses for veterinarians

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Veterinär/in im Bereich Labornager (80%)
Laboratory Animal Services Center (LASC),
Universität Zürich
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Fachtierärztin*Fachtierarzt für Versuchstierkunde (m/w/d)
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main
(technische Leitung der Versuchstierhaltung Riedberg)
PDF Download
Directorate Swiss 3R Competence Centre (80-100%)
PDF Download
Fachspezialistin / Fachspezialist Tierversuche
(Veterinäramt Kanton Zürich)
PDF Download
Tierschutzbeauftragter (80-100%) Novartis, Basel 
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Wissenschaftliche Assistenzärztin / Wissenschaftlicher Assistenzarzt
Anatomisches Institut, Universität Zürich
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