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FVE Position Paper coccidiostats
FVE Position Paper Sustainability
FVE Position Paper resistance animal and welfare


FVE Position Paper Agenda GA Marche
FVE GA Minutes_Brussels_Nov 2015
FVE Position Paper veterinary specialisation


FVE Medicines Working Group
The FVE/UEVP Medicines working group met on 12 January in the FVE office.
The members discussed the latest situation regarding the revision of the medicines legislation.
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Taking charge of our future: A vision for the veterinary profession for 2030

      WHO Recommends against International Control of Ketamine
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  EVERI Assembly    

EVERI Newsletter Dezember 2015
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cnation Committee on Veterinary Training
Update on activities
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The Council of the European Union has reached an agreement between the Members States about the Official Controls proposal.
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  EVERI Assembly     

EVERI strategy plan 2015-2017
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Guidelines on prudent use of antimicrobials
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Harmonisation of veterinary education:
fundamental for establishing EU citizens’ trust in veterinary services
Newsletter ECCVT

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EVERI Aktivitäten
Neue EVERI Broschüre


Veterinarians vital for animals, vital for people
neue Broschüre


The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) has published two new leaflets on the responsible use of antimicrobials.
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Antimicrobial resistance
Council calls for veterinary prescription of all antibiotics

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Interesting comment about FVE's Strategy in the Veterinary Record

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An official answer from EU Kommissioner Andriukaitis regarding online trade of companion animals link.


Tierversuche: Alternativen gesucht
Hohe Hürden für den Ersatz von Tieren in Chemikalien- und Arzneimittel-Tests
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    Das Zeitalter für die Lebensqualität der Tiere ist da
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