Die Förderung der Fort- und Weiterbildung unserer Mitglieder ist uns ein wichtiges Anliegen. Wir bieten Ihnen hier eine einfache und rasche Übersicht zu den aktuellsten Veranstaltungen, national und weltweit – mit direkter Online-Anmeldefunktion.





Generalversammlung der Ateilung Zoo-, Heim-, und Wildtiere.

Ort: Walter-Zoo, Neuchlen, Gossau SG.

Wann: 17.05.2018, 13.30h Treffpunkt am Haupteingang.






Schweizerischer Tierschutz STS

11. Terversuchstagung, Das 3R-Kompetenzzentrum (3RCC), 

Wann: Freitag, der 18. Mai 2018

Ort: Olten, Kongresszentrum Hotel Arte


Die Tagung ist als Weiterbildung für Tierversuchdurchführende anerkannt.


Anmeldung bis 14. Mai 2018



Start der Onlineregistrierung für die GV-SOLAS und IGTP


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme an der nächsten GV SOLAS & IGTP Veranstaltung vom 12.– 14. September 2018 in München.

Ab sofort können Sie sich online anmelden und dabei Ihr Hotelzimmer und Ihre Teilnahme an den Abendveranstaltungen buchen. Nutzen Sie bis zum 29. Juni 2018 die Frühbucherkonditionen.


Bereichern Sie die Tagung und stellen Sie Ihre Erfahrungen als Vortrag oder Poster vor. Die Abstracts können bis zum 11. Mai 2018 online eingereicht werden:


Wir freuen uns, auf Ihre Anmeldung und Ihren Beitrag. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der aktuellen Tagungshomepage:

Bei Rückfragen stehen wir Ihnen jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung. 



Sylvia Neumann | Andrea Witschel
Zellescher Weg 3
01069 Dresden, Deutschland


+49 351 320173-20 / -90


+49 351 32017333
+49 160 74400-01 / -28

E-Mail: /


FGB Symposium


The Fondazione Guido Bernardini announces that the registration is now open for the Symposium "The three Rs in research project design: a prerequisite for good science", which will be held from 28 to 29 June in Varese, Italy



Principles of the 3Rs are applied to all aspects of animal care and study conduction in scientific research.

The main objectives of the Three Rs are to perform humane research on animals and to impact positively on the quality of research. A crucial role to the success of these achievements is due to proper experimental design.


The opening session of this symposium will focus on the importance of the Three Rs to achieve high quality science.


The registration fee, 500euro + 22% VAT, includes participation in the scientific programme, lunches, coffee breaks and shuttle buses (hotels-venue hotels)




Participants can easily access the registration form on the website:


More information regarding the FGB training offer can be obtained from the Secretariat e-mail: or consult the FGB website:




FGB Technician Training Scholarship 2018

The FGB has established also for the year 2018 a Scholarship that is designed to provide scientific/technical training to a technician involved in the care of animals used in biomedical research. It will be assigned to a person with at least two years of experience in laboratory animal care.
The scholarship consists in complimentary registration to attend one of the FGB 2018
training courses listed below, run in a prestigious research facility in Milan, Italy; travel and accommodation will also be provided.


The FGB scholarship is open to any technician from academia or industry with good knowledge of English who has demonstrated significant interest and capability in the field of laboratory animal science.

Application process

Applications must be accompanied by the following documents in English:

  • a short statement from the responsible person of the laboratory animal facility explaining why the technician should receive the scholarship;
  • CV of the candidate;
  • an essay of up to 500 words describing his/her activities related to laboratory animals;
  • a short statement as how the chosen training course will improve his/her skills and career goals;
  • full contact details for the candidate.

Selection Committee

The FGB Scientific Committee assesses the applications and selects the winner. 


FGB-Workshop am 5./ 6. Juni 2018: Pathology of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical Research – Module II: Pathology of Fish

If you haven't yet registered, it is time to do !!

If you are interested in attending, please send me back the registration form (attached) or visit the page:

where you will find additional details. Registration form: Pathology Programme, Modull II, Fish

The workshop is in Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

The registration fee, 700euro, includes participation in the scientific programme, lunches, coffee breaks and the Social Dinner on June 6th.

The topics for the workshop are below: Normal anatomy, histology, physiology and husbandry of fish

Diseases of Laboratory Fish:

Viral Diseases
Bacterial d Diseases
Parasitic Diseases
Health Monitoring in experimental fish facilities
Overview of fish tumor models
Fish toxicology pathology
Hepatic and Renal lesions in Fish.
Midiagnoses and Missed Diagnoses

Practicum: Histopathology (behind the microscope)

Case presentations


Laura De Francesco - General Secretary

Fondazione Guido Bernardini
Phone: +39 02 45076787 - Fax: +39 02 45070212 - Mobile +39 3358730917

find me on Skype®: fondazioneguidobernardini

Meeting der Schweizer Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde (SGV): 20./21.11.2018 in Lausanne, weiteres siehe:



 Information from FELASA, to all ESLAV Members:

For the Prague FELASA Congress of 2019, we have reached the time for all Associations to contribute with suggestions of members for the Scientific Committee.